The Death of Grimace Flags at McDonalds all over the world were at half-mast to mark the passing of cultural icon Grimace. He died in a Los Angeles hospital from complications from a failed liver transplant. Grimace was known world wide as the purple blob in the McDonald Commercials for over thirty years. He never actually held an official elected position but served as an advisor for Mayor McCheese. He was called the power behind the beef due to his reputation of both diplomacy and intimidation. While a distract attorney he helped prosecute the hated hamburgler on fraud charges. This was one of the most high profile cases of the 20th Century. Outside of his role as a politician and a lawyer he was a worldwide cultural icon that will be missed. His literary works include an award winning autobiography entitled, "Who is Grimace". At one point he was considered for a position for the Supreme Court but concerns about his health killed his nomination. For the past five years his health had gotten considerably worse. Finding a donor that matched his unusual blood type forced doctors to attempt an experimental procedure involving growing a liver using cloned DNA from Grimace himself. His short-lived marriage to Elizabeth Taylor shocked the world. They met while in rehab during the late seventies and were married less than a year. He also had relationships with Julie Andrews and Carrie Fisher. He constantly denied ever being involved with openly gay longtime friend Ronald McDonald. The most controversial time in his long life came when he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. No jury in America could convict the lovable Grimace in the poisoning case of "Early Bird". The very unpopular addition to the McDonald cast has since recovered and still believed that Grimace was the mastermind behind the poisoned birdseed. Burial services will be held in San Clemente, CA. He will be buried in the same lot as his God Father Richard Millhouse Nixon. He left no survivors.

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