The following is a theory on what actually happened with Princess Diana. The Death of Princess Diana may have been a staged event done as collaboration between the Governments of France and England and the House of Windsor, Big Media and Diana herself. The story that has appeared in the media is that Diana and her new boyfriend were killed in a car accident in Paris last week as a result of being chased by a pack of wild photographers. We, the general public were supposed to be outraged by the actions of the media. Many people believe that the death of Diana was the biggest staged media event since Live Aid. This will go over the very strong motivation for Princess Diana to disappear and also provide a scenario that this could have happened. Many parties had much to gain from the absence of Diana. They include the House of Windsor, big Media and even Diana herself. Working together they have allowed Diana to go into a life of luxurious exile with her boyfriend. Prince Charles would never have been able to become King with Diana still in the public eye. The house of Windsor has as much real political power as any of the other Royal families of Europe. They still have significant financial and symbolic power. "Big Media" includes organizations such as CNN, BBC and Fox News. Rating for CNN has crashed since the OJ Simpson trial. They needed something to takes it places, preferably something with more worldwide appeal. Diana has spoken about lowering her public profile for years. Whatever she did not have an effect on the packs of photographers that were constantly invading her private life. If you can't beat them why not join them? In exchange for a normal life the media would get the biggest story of the century. So the stage was set for the greatest ruse in the history of media. Photographers would take pictures of Diana getting into a car. She would go to a second point where they would switch cars with stunt drivers and they would fly a private jet to her new South American estate. The first car with the stunt driver would then embark on the way to the tunnel where it was crashed. The stunt drivers are then taken away and later released. The house of Windsor looks good, the ratings for CNN skyrocket and Diana is allowed to live a normal life. Even the funeral held clues that the story of the Century had a major hidden element. It was simply too well down. Too smooth and too well scripted. Even Elton Johns rewritten, "Candle in the Wind" seemed like it was practiced longer than a week. Everything from the build up to the accident, the coverage of the accident and finally the funeral seemed that it was staged like a motion picture plot. Princess Diana may have really died in Paris but there is a chance that she watched the whole thing from her island paradise without a photographer in site.

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