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Marcus Ronaldi's Books, Articles, Stories, Scripts, and Projects

When I say reading, it includes Books on Tapes, which is a great way to convert your commute time from pointless listening to Alice radio as a time to become more “well read”. If you commute 90 minutes a day, that gives you enough time to finish forty full length book on tapes over the course of a year!
Here are some of my favorite authors.
Kurt Vonnegut
Nick Hornby
Douglas Adams
Jonathon Coe
John Irving
Sue Townsend
Bill Bryson
Po Bronson
David Sedaris
Here are some of my favorite books (Not in a any order)
Lucky Wander Boy (Great book for anyone who spent way too much of their childhood playing video games)
McCarthy’s Bar
Confederacy of Dunces (my all time favorite book! It is being made into a movie which may be great or it may stink)
Cat’s Cradle
Sirens of Titan
About a Boy
High Fidelity
The Rotter’s Club
Son of a Circus
As you can see I enjoy humorous satirical writers. I f you can think of any to recommend please send me an e-mail at