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The purpose of this page is to explain the finders fee program and to answer most questions. I structured this as an interview with myself.

Q What is the Finders Fee?

A As I am in the process of looking for a new job I have decided to offer a finders fee to anyone that assists me with the process.

Q How much?

A The finders fee that I have offered in the past and I am currently offering is 10% of the first $10,000 post tax income or $1000.

Q When would it be paid?

A It would be paid when the income is earned.

Q Why are you doing this?

A The best way to find a job is through people you know. I feel by offering a finders fee I greatly increase the motivation of those that may be in a position to help me. When you are talking to people about finding a job you can see their motivation increase when you mention a fairly sizable finders fee. A finders fee also shows that I am serious about finding work in the near future.

Q What would I have to do to get the finders fee?

A It can be as something as simple as a forwarded e-mail or taking my resume and actually hiring me to anything in between.

Q Has this worked in the past?

A Yes, my last two positions were found by offering a finders fee.

Q What are you looking to do?

A I am fairly open but in the past I have enjoyed working in staffing, project management, account management, sales and event planning. The perfect job for me may be something that I have never thought of. My resume is available by clicking this sentence. I am interested in having my resume rewritten. If you are interested in rewriting my resume or can recommend someone then please e-mail me at

Q What are some companies that you are especially interested in?

A Some companies that I am interested in include Apple, Yahoo and EA but I am in no way limiting myself. Much of my experience have come in smaller companies and would definitely be interested in those types of companies as well.

Q You are doing a finders fee Happy Hour, what is involved?

A I know quite a few people that are also looking for work that may be willing to also offering a finders fee. If I was a hiring manager or a recruiter I would definitely attend as I would be able to not only fill positions but possibly make some extra money for myself at the same time. Any job seeker that attends should be willing to offer a finders fee if they find a job. I do not want a cut as I want to motivate as many recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers to attend. The actual finders fee would be between the job seeker and the hiring manager or recruiter (or anyone else who provides information). At this point I have no idea how many job seekers or what companies are attending but I will do my best to get the word out. The event is on February 11th in Palo Alto. Click on the evite below for location and time.

One last night is that they are many companies offering career services for an exorbitant amount of money. The way these companies work is that the job seeker pays a large sum of money up front for access to the hidden job market. I am not interested and I highly recommend that research is done before anyone pays any money to any of these companies. Here is a link to an article about this.

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Marcus Ronaldi