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Film Making
I have made two short films with a digital camera and edited on a Mac.
The first film was completed in 2000 and is called, “Graphite Returns” which is about a man released from prison to take revenge on the man that framed it. Quite a few people in this movie are actual actors that are in film, tv and stage.
The second is a short documentary about Frank Chu. This film can be seen by going to
My next two projects are “humbled” and a short film about online dating.
“humbled” is about people who lost quite a bit of money and status with the fall of the dotconomy.
The online dating story will feature funny stories.
If you are interested in being in either or both send me an e-mail.
In addition I want to include a group of film makers that are doing digital independent film right. Watching their hysterical films, it reminds me of an early Kevin Smith.

Click Here for Graphite V The Hippies


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